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Message from the Mayor | Why we love Canterbury

Released on 15 February 2016

Mayor Brian Robson

This week we launched the "Why we love Canterbury" campaign to find out what our local residents value most about the City of Canterbury.

As we consider the State Government’s proposal to merge Canterbury and Bankstown, we want to celebrate and hold on to the values, services and facilities that are most important to the local community.

The City of Canterbury is well known for its cultural diversity and people come from all over Sydney to enjoy our restaurants and exotic foods, unique shops and festivals. There are also scenic parks, and an extensive range of sporting and recreational facilities. These are just a few qualities that are valued by residents.

In our 2012 Community Survey, our local community also said they valued libraries, caring for the environment, a clean attractive city, swimming pools, green spaces - just to name a few community priorities.

In addition to having a large range of recreation and leisure facilities, the City of Canterbury caters for the diverse range of people and cultures that make up our community, with a wide range of multicultural services and facilities. We also have dedicated services for the aged, children and youth.

I urge you to tell us what you value most about the City of Canterbury. Please go to Canterburyconnects.com.au and select the top five values, services or facilities that are most important to you.

I am very interested in hearing from residents what they value most about Canterbury.

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